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Chismes Noticias

Escalo El Capitan de Yosemite desnuda!

Another Yosemite season has come to a wrap for me. Pictured, is a naked Jon, sending it on the King Swing. In the spirit of bold transparency and vulnerability, I'll admit I went into this season at a weird mental point. I didn't make many friends during the winter, and was feeling a bit lonely. Even with my wonderful partner Robbie, I missed having a solid community of friends. And then, I was laid off. So I went to the Valley with a fistful of goals. The support from all you monkeys was overwhelming, and any doubts and loneliness I felt were quickly smothered by love and long days. Life is a swing in itself. When I'm at a low, I try to remind myself that good times will come again. Thanks to you all for such a good time.

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We Did It!!! @j.fleury and I climbed The Nose naked; the first naked ascent of El Cap! (for you non-climbers out there: "naked" is not a fancy climbing term like "free". It straight-up means I did it without any clothes.) We even broke both of our personal time records on the route: 12hrs exactly! I'm telling ya'll- lightweight is the way to do it! It's hard to express what I feel after a life dream has been achieved. Yes, I feel some sunburn. I feel a bit sore. I feel proud of myself of course. But overwhelmingly, I feel so loved. I feel supported and encouraged by my friends, all the monkeys, my family (who answered my victory-announcing phone call with EVERYONE on speaker phone to hear), and especially my favorite monkey, Robbie. He has helped me every step of the way, (and even managed to get us on the news!) Anyhow, thanks ya'll for knowing that something this silly was still, honestly important to me. I guess the thing is, I thought I'd be saying that this is the greatest accomplishment of my life, but that's not true. It feels so much greater to be the best friend, daughter, sister, and partner that I can be. Working at that is always my most worthwhile struggle, and greatest achievement when I feel this kind of love. #FNA #themonkeysaresending #niad

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